A little about me!

Hi I'm Emma, creator of Emchanted Creations. 

This website is the real life equivalent of my dream to bring a little magic into peoples lives. I believe that in this ever changing world, with ever changing restrictions, it has never been more important to take care of ourselves. 

To just pause. Stop. Breathe. Become immersed in something beautiful, soothing, and allow that to fill your body. When was the last time you did that? Stopped to smell something and really appreciate it? 

Well, with Emchanted Creations, I invite you to do just that. Stop and smell the Rose...y Wonderland. These creations haven't been mass produced, they have been hand-picked with intention, and hand-poured with love. 

It is my intention for you that these Creations bring a moment of bliss, in fact, several moments. Because I believe you deserve it. Whether it be an individual wax melt in a burner, or one of my specially created Intention Candles- with Essential Oils and crystals, you will find something here that was created BY ME, FOR YOU!

So take a look around, enjoy,

Love & Light,

Em xxx