AWAKEN Crystal Intention Candle with Essential Oils

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Ever feel like your life is going ahead without you?

Like You are just plodding away on autopilot?

This candle has been designed to wake you from this lack of motivation!

The soft sweet rose aroma of geranium is blended with the uplifting ‘zing’ of lemon in this wake up call for the Goddess within.
Geranium resonates strongly with Mother Earth, and encompasses the feminine energy- it’s time for you to realise your divine inner power.
Lemon is a bright, joyful aroma, which is a fabulous spiritual cleansing oil- promoting clarity, awareness and rejuvenation. Use of lemon essential oil allows the psyche to attract positivity- opening up the mind to the beauty of life.
Each AWAKEN candle is topped with botanicals and Citrine crystals, which are known for promoting motivation, imparting joy and enthusiasm.

So, what are you waiting for? Life is waiting!

Awaken is also available in the Intention Collection Giftset

Each intention candle has been lovingly handpoured by me, using specially selected essential oils and soy wax. The candles are created in small batches and finished with different botanicals and crystals chosen for their healing properties.
It is my hope that these candles bring moments of magic, healing, and connection. The powerful properties of the crystals, along with the essential oils in each candle create a perfect atmosphere for meditation, mindfulness, or even during yoga practice. Tune in to the intention of the candle as it burns, and allow your mind, body and soul to enjoy the experience.
Love & Light,
Em x

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