CALM Crystal Intention Candle with Essential Oils

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Life is stressful. It can be overwhelming, frustrating, and a little too much at times! CALM is a sensory experience which invites you to enjoy a moment of peaceful bliss.
Simply light the candle, sit back, and allow the aromas to unfold and relax you.

Lavender essential oil is widely known for its soothing properties, which gently unwind any tension and allow the mind and body to sink into a lovely state of calm.

Gentle tones of geranium bring assurance, balance, and tranquillity, while bergamot brings peace and joy to the soul.

The comfort of chamomile dispels any nervousness or anger, and creates emotional stability. Finally, clary sage brings love to the inner spirit, encourages calm and restoration.

Each CALM candle is topped with lavender petals and Amythest crystals, which are known to aid relaxation, rid the mind of negativity and encourage healing.

Each intention candle has been lovingly handpoured by me, using specially selected essential oils and soy wax. The candles are created in small batches and finished with different botanicals and crystals chosen for their healing properties.
It is my hope that these candles bring moments of magic, healing, and connection. The powerful properties of the crystals, along with the essential oils in each candle create a perfect atmosphere for meditation, mindfulness, or even during yoga practice. Tune in to the intention of the candle as it burns, and allow your mind, body and soul to enjoy the experience.
Love & Light,
Em x