SOOTHE Crystal Intention Candle with Essential Oils

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In need of some emotional TLC? Feeling exhausted? I've got you!

SOOTHE- a beautifully nourishing blend of essential oils in 100% soy wax. Think of this as a warm hug for your soul. The intention with this candle is to nourish and replenish.

The essential oils in this candle have been chosen specifically for their properties in healing. Bergamot is known for amplifying positive energy and shining light into the darkness.

The calming, soothing properties of Mandarin pair perfectly with the light-hearted  Zesty Orange.

Chamomile is known to be soothing, and is a particularly good oil for bringing inner peace. Complemented beautifully by the lush nurturing tones of lavender, this fragrance is a balance of serenity and restoration, for Mind, Body & Soul.

Each SOOTHE candle is lovingly topped with rose petals and Rose Quartz, the crystal associated with self love, compassion and deep healing.

Soothe is also available in the Intention Collection Giftset

Each intention candle has been lovingly handpoured by me, using specially selected essential oils and soy wax. The candles are created in small batches and finished with different botanicals and crystals chosen for their healing properties.
It is my hope that these candles bring moments of magic, healing, and connection. The powerful properties of the crystals, along with the essential oils in each candle create a perfect atmosphere for meditation, mindfulness, or even during yoga practice. Tune in to the intention of the candle as it burns, and allow your mind, body and soul to enjoy the experience.
Love & Light,

Em x